All drivers have the opportunity to drive for a Team, with each Team being allocated 2 reserved grid positions at each race.

Drivers who choose not to join a Team, or drivers who are not selected by a Team may still race as private entrants.


It is the responsibility of the privateer to check his car status (damaged or not) and it is his responsibility to notify the commissioner to repair it.


Any driver entering the league after the start of season, and is not able to join a team, will be considered a Privateer. Privateers, and do not have guaranteed grid positions.

Based on the assumption that 9 teams field 2 cars each, 18 spots on the grid would be reserved, leaving 1 position for a Privateer. Which Privateer is admitted to that 1 grid position is determined by his position in the driver standings.


Example: if we have 8 teams the situation is this way:

8 teams=16 reserved spots, leaving 3 spots for Privateers

When there are empty grid spots at server launch, the first drivers to fill them are

1) Team Drivers

2) the lowest Privateer drivers in Standings

3) after all interested privateers have joined, if there are still openings, the Team in last place may enter a 3d car.

4) should there still be openings, the team in next to last place may also enter a 3d car, but only if the team is more than 10 points behind the team ahead of them.

 Coin Status  Buying cars
Privateers either have 'carry over' KOINS from previous season, or none. If not enough KOINS to buy, they can race a loaner (either BRM - Cooper or Honda) their choice. Damages must be paid for - when enough KOINS to buy car, return loaner.

Privateers may only 'own' 2 cars at the same time

GRID Status at start of season

GRID Status per Race after the first race

For the FIRST race of the season only, which Privateer gets to race is determined by (A + B) :

A. Chassis choice for race:
     1 for lotus & eagle, 2 for Ferrari 3 for Braham, 4 for cooper, 5 for BRM & Honda
B. Attendance:    1 for each race started last season


Privateer with higher sum of (A+B) enters first.
If there is a tie

C. the higher position in the final Driver Standings of previous season.

After the first race of the season:

Position in Driver Standings determine which Privateer races if there are more Privateers than Grid openings.


Starting from the lowest Priv driver in standing and then up - so if there are 4 priv drivers, and 3 openings, the highest placed driver in standings would sit out that race.


 In this way, the lowest place Privateer in Point Standings always gets a chance to improve.

Should there be a tie in points, then the driver with the best finish from previous race(s) would race.

Once season has started and a team needs a substitute, it may NOT ask/invite a privateer for missing team driver to stand in.

Cost to hire a Privateer Depends on the Privateer's "G" rating.

the higher the G, the more the cost. Not a comparison of driver being substituted for. Additional costs incurred if the driver exceeds the credit limit from draft day.

The cost is paid one time the privateer races for the team

If a privateer signs with a team for ONE race or the season

His cost to the team is  his "G" rate on same scale for both divisions (1-2-3-4)

so g1 cost =1  a g2 cost=2  g3 cost=3 and g4 cost =4

A privateer may REPLACE a team driver of same division, but in so doing it is for remainder of season that teams 'reserve' driver and can not race for any other team - unless another team loses a driver for the remainder of season. the team driver being replaced becomes a privateer, and cannot race for another team

If the G rate exceeds either D1 max or D2 max (13 or 5)

then an additional cost is applied of 2x's for each G over the max/

example: a team with 1 D1/g7 driver signs a 2d D1/g7 driver the added cost of 1g over max = 2

If the Privateer becomes a full time team driver the same costs are applied as for a privateer signing for one race

 If  a Team hires a Privateer which exceeds the "G" limit for the division it costs 2 KOIN for every "G" over the Credit (from draft) limit for that division. (D1=13 , D2 = 5).

Car to race Privateer may drive either his own car, or an available team car assigned by the team leader.
A Privateer owned car cannot be raced by any Team driver, unless the car has been fully paid for-either by the Privateer or the Team. Never a Rented/Borrowed privateer car.
Damages: If his own car Privateer pays for repair /If a team car Team pays for repair
IF the Privateer joins a team, and drives his own car for the Team and is damaged, the damages are paid completely by the Team
Earned KOINS:

Existing Privateer KOINS may NOT be transferred to Team,

any earned after joining, go to team total.

Any car owned by a Privateer is property of that privateer. It may be sold, rented, or given to any driver or team of the privateers preference.

Since it was his car, damages to said car are paid for by the owner at the time that damages are suffered.