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Duties of the Race Steward:
A) To review reported race incidents for possible disciplinary action
B) To assist the Commissioner's office with rulings and infractions.
The Race Steward, at any time, can evoke the right of Steward's privilege...that is to say:
1) The Race Steward can enlist the assistance of outside sources on matters of judgment and policy.
2) The Race Steward can request Commissioner intervention on any matter.
3) The Race Steward can appeal to the Commissioner on matters of judgment and policy.

There will now be in place a standardized "Incident Reporting Template" for use when reporting race incidents.

The template may be obtained  HERE (as a  word.doc) or see it HERE (text file) to copy and paste it into your Protest.

The Incident Reporting Template MUST BE USED & FOLLOWED for all reported track incidents. An incident number will then be assigned.

No race incidents will be recorded or ruled upon without the use of the protest form.
All race incidents being submitted for possible action MUST be reported to the Chief Steward with 48hrs of the race end.
Please be advised that no incident reports will be accepted by the Chief Stewards office after the 48hr period has elapsed with the following exceptions:

              A) Permission has been granted by the Commissioner (Commissioner to notify Race Steward in writing)
              B) Permission has been granted by the Race Steward

Who may Submit a Protest"
Protests are accepted from the driver who feels he was victim, or his TL if he is a member of a team

You may appeal within 48hr of a ruling
After the drivers involved have each given their view, the Race Steward will make a ruling, and make a suggested penalty to the commissioner.

The Commissioner will then assign penalty. The report should then be made public on the Chief Race Steward forum so that drivers can learn from others’ mistakes.

After a Penalty has been assigned a driver may ask for reconsideration.

Disagreeing with a decision for no other reason than a disagreement of the decision is not grounds for appeal. Grounds for appeal are covered for a situation in which there was an error made in the way the incident was ruled on.

At any time in season, if the Race Steward feels any driver is accumulating a notable amount of protests,  the commissioner will issue that driver a WARNING.

A Warning will be issued to alert the driver in question that he is on 'probation' for a specified number of races. the number being the discretion of the Commissioner, from 1 race to any number into the following season if need be.


a PROBATION period means that driver will have his race reviewed to ensure no additional incidents of similar type were found.

After the Probation period, the driver found clean of additional infraction, will be returned to normal status.

If during the Probation period the driver was found to be in violation of the same or similar infraction, that driver will be suspended for 1 race. And the Probation period will be reset from the beginning.

If a driver is again found in violation of the same or similar infraction, after having served a 1 race suspension, he will be suspended for 3 races, or the remainder of the season, which ever is less.

A brief description of the judicial flow.

A race incident will be sent to the Race Steward using the incident template that is obtained from the links provided, from the driver that felt he was a victim of poor driving of someone else.

The accused driver will be asked for his view of the incident.

Either or both drivers may submit their (client) replay. But the primary review will be from the Server replay.

The incident will be reviewed by the Chief Steward and a subsequent report made to the Commissioners office.

The Commissioner will then Assign penalties or warnings stemming from the report.

Besides the standard incident reporting/penalization procedure, the league will now be keeping track of all drivers involved, in any measure, with any reported incidents. Sometimes incidents occur that involve more than two drivers. And even though other drivers being involved may not, in itself, constitute a rule infraction, they can be contributing factors and as such, the league decided that it would be best to keep track of these occurrences. These factors will be forwarded to the Commissioner which will make up the backbone of any disciplinary decisions.