Importance of KOINS:

See Economics Explained for when a TEAM or PRIVATEER falls to or below zero KOINS

Please click HERE for details

Order of Grid Admittance: Joining as spectator is not allowed - even if there are open grid spots.

all teams will be allocated 2 reserved spots for the first race of season, with remainder open spot for Privateer's

Any open grid spots after all team drivers have joined (at time server is launched) Privateer(s) with the least Championship points may join the server. if openings still exist, the next lowest Privateer may join. If you are uncertain,  check the Standings! 

Lowest privateer in standings have first option. 

> can D2s can race up if they are substituting for a missing D1 ?
only d2/G4 or g3 may race D1 - first for a missing TEAM member,

> can D1s can race down (d2) if they are substituting for a missing D2 ?

order of entry to any race then is:

1) 2 team drivers (one of which might be from the other Division)

2) privateer depending on grid spots still open

3) team driver of lowest in team standings as a 3d driver >> see * right >>

4) privateers may not race up - even if there are openings

5) if there is still a spot open, that the next to last place team will also be allowed to enter a 3d car, but only if the point gap to 3d team from last is ... '10' points (or more) in other words, only if the gap is large. if its less than 10, then no 3d car for the next lowest team in Standings.


there is NO last place team for the first D1 race.. but will be one for the following D2 race.
determining last place will be by total team points, if tied then the team that had the lowest placed driver per Replay/Analyzer.


If there are no privateers, or all privateers have joined and there are still openings, then the team in last place, can enter a 3d car, if the team has a 3d car.


In D1, the driver can be a the teams D2/g4/g3 driver


1) team drivers (max 18+1 Privateer -

2) Privateers (based on Standings - lowest first)

3) #3 drivers (based on Team standings, lowest first) only D2/g3&4 may race up.

 WHEN does a driver have to appear in the chat room to claim his grid spot, before it is given to another?

as a team driver, you have a reserved spot until the server is launched.
unless you have notified me, or your TL to alert me, that you'll be arriving 'late'....failing to notify us,  I cannot keep it open for you.

Saturdays (see RACES for dates).  The server will be launched by 10.30am Eastern USA, for 25 minutes of qualifying. Then the final 5 minutes is for full fuel laps. The race follows immediately.
Racing outside assigned  Division

A driver racing outside his own Division does not exclude him from racing in any/all of his own division races.


Normal Qualifying can be done if the KOIN total is above zero. If not, then limited (see when KOINS fall to or  below zero)


The qualifying session is 25 minutes long. Each car is allowed to go out as often as desired, run as many laps as you wish, but if you cannot return to the pits your session is over.  the last 5 minutes will be OPEN TRACK, and intended for RACE FUEL laps. However, choosing to run fast laps is allowed and will count. Chat is permitted ONLY in the final 5 minute session.


There is no stopping and no ESC on track, to try again. you Must return to the pits, in order to exit again.

Exception: when exiting your pit box, if someone should appear in their pit box as you are leaving and you cannot continue, and/or before you take pit exit there is contact with another driver, you may ESC to try again.


To avoid this, cars exiting their pit box should make every effort to leave their pit box at the most extreme angle possible. not just driving forward as if the pit box lane was a traffic lane.

When you exit the pits on your out lap, get off the racing line, and stay off the racing line until you are certain no hot lapping car is coming.

If you are on a hot lap, stay to the outside of the pits when approaching the pit exit. It may not be the best line... just do it!

  • Drivers on their out lap MUST be aware of oncoming fast cars, and MUST yield.

  • If you are negatively affected by another driver, you may go out again in the last 5 minutes.

  • if you feel it worth a protest, inform the Chief Race Steward.

  • If you crash, or press <ESC> and continue again.  You are finished, and you cannot try again that session. However you may go out again in the last 5 minutes.

  • If you forget and go again you will be required to do a stopNgo in a pit box at the end of lap1 or start the next race from the back of the grid.

There may be occasions on which a driver wishes to relegate himself to the back of the grid.

If, after gaining a grid position in Qualifying, the driver wishes to serve his penalty by starting at the back of the grid,

instead of doing a Stop&Go during the race, he may Disqualify himself before the green flag.

To DQ (disqualify) yourself, drive in reverse at any point on the track, preferably in pit lane, and out of everyone's path. (Even off-track, on the grass is known to work.)
DQ'ing yourself does not eliminate you from racing, only relegates you to the back of the starting grid.
Alternatives are:
- to start from the pits, or
- to take the green flag from your qualifying position, but then do a Stop&Go in the pits at the end of lap 1.
Failure to DQ yourself under such a condition will result in the penalty of starting from the back of the grid in the next race.


In other (briefer!) words:
-- Driver presses ESC  during qualifying while NOT in a pit box ==> qualifying session immediately over, but driver may return to track with 5 minutes left (i.e. the warmup session). Driver starts from earned grid position. No penalty incurred.
-- If said driver returns to track before the warmup session, he starts from his earned grid position, but must do a stop&go at the end of lap 1 or start the next race from the back of the grid.


- TOP -


we MUST all understand the importance of holding a straight line at the start until you at least establish visual contact in your mirrors

D1  G8 / G7 /G6 / G5  races are PRO settings, 50% distance.


D2  G4 / G3 / G2 / G1 races are PRO settings, 50% distance.


IF a race is not completed for any reason (such as mass disco) it must complete at least 1/2 the scheduled laps to be official. if less than 1/2 it will be rescheduled or replaced with an alternate track.

a MASS disco=everyone - and the result would be "re-run, re-run on alternate track, or cancel event." that decision to be determined after the race.
major disco=1/2 or more but not 'all' simultaneously disco 
  before 1/2 way= 1/2 points to finishers
  at or after 1/2 way=results stand

minor disco= less than 1/2 simultaneously disco
result:  before or after 1/2 way= results stand

for 1/2 points on odd numbers, the points will be rounded up (meaning 9pts would = 5)

KOINS on the other hand for those that had their race end while running (!) are being penalized unfairly..
So, if you suffered a MINOR or MAJOR disco While running, tell me the race/lap and i'll check it and add back lost KOINS


Under no circumstances will there be a restart for car collisions, regardless of the number involved. the opening laps are the most dangerous. anticipate and attempt to avoid such situations, but even then they will occur.


In race DQ's due to GPL's 'reversing on track' interpretation is a pain.. if you suffer this result, from a innocent 'infraction' (example: being off track and only option is to reverse to a point of entry) continue racing. GPL and R/A will cause stats to stop being counted, but your finishing position can be determined from the replay.


Is not allowed until (1st) all drivers have finished the 25 minute qual session of qualifying. Chatting is allowed after the 25 minute qual session, during the last 5 minutes of qual, to just prior to drop of the green flag. Typing "po" or "pi" is acceptable, not required nor is it penalized. Chat during qualifying will be penalized in accordance with the amount of chat.


If there is a complaint against any driver, please handle it in private or if you think it a serious violation, do let me know about it. but please do not flame, bash or bad mouth fellow drivers in the race, or in chat. It's not acceptable. I will review the replays and run the Replay Analyzer. So please be professional.. i sincerely dislike being the racing police.


PLEASE as much as we would all like to - do NOT discuss real F1 qualifying.. many of us (me) record the session and don't watch till after the oAo race and Stats are uploaded. Thank you!


From the GPL v1.2 patch readme file:

You can now issue private chat messages to any one of the players connected to the server.
Begin your message with "/", followed by the name of the player (or #car number),
followed by the message. Example  message >>>>           / #16  'message'

Passing/Overtaking:  Good READING on the subject!

Blue flags: generally means a faster car is approaching.. .be alert.
in GPL, it narrows that meaning to you are being a approached by a faster car that is lapping you.
I'm not 100% sure, but it is believed that the Flag is only shown to the car getting it, not the faster car behind.

at first read this does not say - move over - in fact it is a gentlemen's understanding that if you are about to be lapped,

why make things more difficult to someone that is having a better race than you? HOWEVER, once you ARE lapped, any subsequent BLUE FLAGS should be obeyed and you should allow cars to get by at the earliest / safest place possible.
i do not expect you to move over at the first sign of a BF.. but if you aren't pulling away from a car that has gained on you,

you ARE expected to resign the position at the earliest, safest moment. move over for a faster car,,  that is lapping you.

you do not need to move over when doing so gives up that position. 


Still not clear? then try this:
1. IF you are on the lead lap and ABOUT to be lapped, by the leader, you are NOT required to move aside.

2. IF you have ALREADY been lapped, then when the leader or any car in the positions after the leader come around again, then you MUST move aside - preferably w/in 3 corners or as absolute soon as possible or be subject to a protest and penalty.

Re-entering after a spin:

Whenever possible pivot your car, and if at all possible DO NOT reenter the track at a steep angle!
Picture shows 90deg reentry, and is BAD, the right hand view is a gradual parallel reentry and makes me happy.


(Thanks to VOR league for graphic)

When to move: pulling over approaching a turn is not the best. as this is a prime area for passing, and you are likely to cause a crash by doing so as most passing is done to the inside of a turn. it is preferable to allow a pass after the turn.

Backmarkers have to allow a pass: 

-AFTER a turn is by far the better way to allow a pass, hugging the inside and slowing progressively as the faster car goes wide and passes.

-Ease up along a straight, moving out of the normal race line slowing progressively.

if you are being lapped, drive like you would want someone to drive if the situation were reversed. pretty simple 'ey?
Attention fast cars:
as the car that is lapping someone, you have to give the backmarker the time to allow a pass safe... show me patience and I'll show you a clear road!


<>Slipstreaming: the shortest (quickest) distance between to points (corners) is a STRAIGHT line.. .(not a weaving one) -
with the driver behind if equal in car and ability, attempting to break the draft is a small if any advantage, especially compared
to the potential risk. if he is quicker in either sense you are only trying to avoid the inevitable, or being unsportsmanlike~
fun for the lead car, is not fun for fellow racers (respect) attempting to pass.

the driver ahead has the choice of line, and the car behind the responsibility to make a clean pass, once you choose a line, stick to it. 

the advantage of being the lead is the choice of line, to even consider weaving (blocking) is against the intent of racing in oAo and will be penalized.

Corner Cutting
Corner cutting can be identified as placing all four wheels off the track surface. May happen on RARE occasion - if it becomes excessive, penalties can be applied.
For Penalties to be applied, a witness will help the Stewards to control this, email the Steward with offender name and best guess to lap #(s) it was occurring.