Track Selection Group
The TSG is currently headed by Claudio Navonne. The group is open to everyone, made up by anyone interested ALL drivers should independently tested tracks and have made their problems known to the TSG prior to final track selection.
Altho the commissioner hands off decision making to TSG, if necessary will step in to break ties, or make decisions if they are not forthcoming.

Some suggested guides for Track Selecting:

1) set a minimum number for people with issues. And not make track changes unless, for example 3 or more people say they cannot run
2) announce a conditional track schedule for the next season, by the midpoint of the current season, so people with issues have time to test.
3) announce what is known about video cards that seem to cause problems, so people with issues can consider alternatives
4) announce to the TSG, a master list of tracks which are absolutely not acceptable, so that they are not mistakenly suggested again (see below)
5) announce to the TSG, a master list of tracks which have caused no problems in the past (see below)

Full History of




AS we all learn and grow, please help keep this list updated!

master list of tracks which cause problems

raced but has issues

graphically demanding

disco issues


Aida Porto58 Goodwood  
Montlhery '66 Ardmore Zeltweg Sandown
Salzburgring'74 Monza10k USGP1960  
Suzuka 2000 El Pinar Crystal Palace  
Sachsenring Montjuich