About the copy of the GPL installation, this is how I manage it:

1. Never install GPL or GEM+ within \Program Files. Install GPL in X:\Sierra\GPL instead using the latest GPLPS installer.

You will need the original GPL CD.

2. Install VROC at X:\Sierra, so it will be located at X:\Sierra\VROC
3. Install GEM+/iGOR combo at X:\Sierra, so it will be located at X:\Sierra\GPLSecrets
4. Run GPL and create a 1967 F1 player i.e. Arturo Pereira 67.
5. Now run VROC and set the path to the gpl.exe file.
6. Now run GEM+ and set the paths for GPL, VROC and iGOR.

Thatīs it. That is all you need to run the 1967 F1s
The main advantage of this way of installing the whole combo is that you can make a backup copy of all the GPL stuff just backing up X:\Sierra.

 If something goes wrong with GPL, with GEM+, with iGOR or with VROC, you can just copy the backup over the current working copy and everything will be

However, I would suggest to delete the \cars, \Mods and \layout folders before proceeding.

for further information, conta Arturo Pereira  email: ap_forums@live.com.ar