Definitions of Terms and Abbreviations used in oAo/GPL

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as used in oAo as used in GPL
ASSETS   a positive amount of Coins. must have to be able to race  
Avg Deviation Average Deviation how much you drift from being consistent in GPL Rank the difference in time from your best lap compared to your worst
backmarkers Lappers drivers who are slower than the faster ones, and are getting lapped.
Blocking or weaving, pinching   when someone is about to be passed, and instead of slowing, begin to move side to side on the racing surface to make passing near impossible. Most Unsportsmanlike
blue flag   See Rules for more an indicator that a faster car is nearing.
bonuses added assets doing well in a race can earn additional Coins or depending on chassis driven  
budgets economics, amount of Coins available all teams and drivers start each season with a set budget. used to sign drivers, pay fines etc.  
Chassis Bonus

with regard to "Points" (see below) some cars are thought of as less favorable. in order to insure all marques are driven, the less desired cars have automatic increases to COINS if they are running at finish and complete 75% of the race.See League Operations/Points Chart for details

Coupons   used to determine which Privateers will race when more show up than grid spots are available  
Coins   are what we use as  "money" . you need a positive amount in order to afford to race.  
Coins (Bonus) added assets See Economics/Explained-BUDGETS & BONUSES for details. Basically at the end of each season 'Coins' are awarded that are used in the upcoming season to sign drivers, and help balance chassis preferences.  
Coins (Team)   assets that the Chassis type starts the season with, then as the season progresses, the total COINS the team has accumulated.  
CC   regarding economics, means Current Coins (up to date)  
DQ Disqualify after making an illegal qualifying run, drivers are expected to DQ themselves from the Qual order, but may still race to not be classified at end of race. usually due to an infraction of the rules.
there are some cases of a penalty in oAo also applying a DQ to a racer.
damages   after a race in Replay Analyzer details can be reported on level of repair needed if any contact was made. Minor, Medium and Severe, along with Engine (exploded) the level of each reported damage adds up and determines if the total damage suffered is beyond repair. If repairs are needed then Coins are deducted to do so.
draft   slipstreaming or following a car ahead is called is sometimes referred to as drafting.
driver values Currently Not in use a system devised for oAo to allow Team Leaders a manner in which to sign drivers to their team, within limits of a starting budget  
divisions in oAo D1/p and D2/i each comprised of 3 Groups (g's) grades of driver ability in an attempt to have competition be somewhat better balanced

D1 races PRO

D2 races INT with limited ShiftR

Event   on alternating Saturdays, there is a D1/p race and a D2/i race. the combination of these two races is called an event.  
Engine Swapper   Illegal in oAo A 3d party software program designed to allow a mixing of default engines to be placed in any of the 7 chassis.
Groups   within each "division" there are 3 sub grades, Group v6, v5 and v4 in Division D1/p, and Group v3, v2 and v1 in Div D2/i  
grid spots   there are starting positions for 19 cars total. a starting position is referred to as a Grid Spot
hot lap   leaving the pit box, you are on an OUT LAP.. the next time by the Start/Finish line you begin a timed lap... called a Hot Lap.

LL, FL, mLL, Pole,HC,mC


LL=laps lead   FL=fast lap    Pole=fast qualifier

HC=highest climber (most positions gained from start position

mC=most consistent (amount of deviation between all timed laps of race)

Order of Admittance   the determination of what drivers get to fill Grid Spot allocations, when there are more drivers than spots available  
Illegal Shift-R   Shift-R's done outside a pit box are not allowed, and will result in a DQ if done for any reason. In Intermediate mode, will reset the car, on track, with race fuel reset and cold tires
pit box   during a race, any such location will be acceptable for a stop the area in which your car sits when you first enter the cockpit.
Points   what you earn for race performance. final position at end of race  
privateer (Pvtr) also 'Independent' any driver that is not on a team  
racing line   considered the 'groove' or best part of track to be fast some tracks have a darker line on the track that is supposed to represent the line, but often is not accurate graphically.
in a race, slower drivers should yield the line to faster drivers
Racing Down   oAo has Divisions that separate drivers by their ability. there is no racing up or down unless a driver is reclassified to the 'other' division and if so, loses any points scored.
Racing Up  
rookie   a driver who joins a league for his first season  
S/F Start/Finish the line at which the front row of cars are positioned before the race start.
stop&go Stop And Go a procedure in which a car drives into pit entry, slows and enters a pit box, and stops before returning to the race. sometimes used to serve a penalty or level competition.  
start from the pits   applied to a race in which a car may not start from the grid, or misses the window to start from the grid. after the green flag, drivers will be be shown the green button to enter their chassis, and be able to pull out of their pit box and begin their race. a GPL glitch can cause you to not have your first lap counted if your pit box is after the Start/Finish line.
Team Leaders TL before each season  drivers can choose to be a TL. the order in  and drivers selected to drive for a team are detailed in the rules.  
penalty   in oAo, see Rules for listing, but its a predefined list for wrong-doing, usually with regard to a competitor. usually when a driver is impatient and forces a pass, or re-enters in an unsafe manner. GPL has its own built in penalties, for cutting corners, or jumping the start, usually requiring a stop in the pits for varied amounts of time.
pit in PI one of 2 'allowed' but not required chat comments. PI = announces you are about to enter pit lane. should be done at the moment you are approaching the actual exit, not so far away that someone behind you wouldn't think it was you about to pit.
pit out PO one of 2 'allowed' but not required chat comments. PO = announces you are exiting pits. should be done at the moment you are at the actual exit, not pulling away from your pit box.
Points Pts based on what position drivers finish a race. it determines the Standings as the season progresses.   
SLAM   a driver who takes pole, the win, has Fast Lap, leads the most laps and is most consistent in the race. rare achievement!  
signature track   the track selected each season to run a full distance race on.  
"Tally" marks   the term 'Tally' is used to describe a number of times something happens. 3 medium damages suffered in a race would be recorded with 3 tally marks.  
the Commissioner   title of extreme reverence and power... ME  :P