The Art of Racing
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"Hell yes I plan on blocking him! I live in a slower car. If I'm not pushing, I'm not having fun."

It's not your fault you feel that way. You grew up in the "it's ok to wreck you fellow driver" era of Formula 1 racing. Prior to the mid 70's Grand Prix racing was more about each car/driver
combination seeing which could master the circuit the best. It WAS a form of rally racing where all the cars were on the course at the same time and each one was trying to drive the course better than his opponents. It was bad form to hold up another driver and interfere with his race. The goal was to finish the race ahead of your opponent by driving the course better, not by forcing the other driver to drive the course worse. It was more like the competition in golf where you try to play the course better than the other guy. If golf was played to modern Formula 1 standards, golfers would be stepping on each other's golf balls, kicking them into the rough, or tossing pine cones at them while they were trying to putt. And they would call it "golfcraft".

In the 60's, drivers who drove the way you like to drive did not last long. There were no sponsors with deep pockets so, even if you didn't kill yourself, you would soon be out of ride becaue you broke too much machinery.

I fully understand that you think that modern racing is the way it should be done and use GPL to simulate the modern racing environment. For you it is about driving at your limit and seeing if you can save it when you go past the limit. In real life in the 60's this took extreme bravery or not caring about the consequences. In GPL it just takes the latter. I like to see how close I can get to my limit
without going past it. Because you are not going to save it every time and it only took one mistake back then to end up dead. For me, driving GPL in the modern style would be like pulling the engine out of a classic XKE and sticking in a modern V6 with an automatic. It might give more power and better gas mileage but it just wouldn't be an XKE anymore.

I've had good races. We have had races where we were within a few seconds of each other for 15 to 20 minutes. There wasn't much passing or dicing but we were struggling to gain on each other without going off the track, and since neither of us went off the track, the contest was allowed to keep going. I enjoy that inner battle between wanting to go faster and wanting to make zero mistakes. I can't remember ever having any good races with you. Maybe because you are so much faster. I don't try to race you. I try to move over and let you by as quickly as I can. I won't block you cause I don't want to wreck. I don't mean to imply that you are unfair, just that, as you say, we don't race the same way. But I do think my way is way more fun and realistic. :)

By the way, I think there are three situations that involve passing. (1) A battle of equals where each driver has the responsibility of avoiding an accident. (2) A faster car lapping a back-marker where the slower car should move over. And (3), where a faster car that has had an off and is trying to get by a slower car. In the third case I think the faster driver should exercise a bit more caution than in case (1). After all, it isn't the back-marker's fault that the faster guy is behind him.

The leading car is allowed to move to the side of the track that he wants to use for entry to the next corner as long as he does not interfere with the car behind him. Once he chooses he has to stay there.

I feel you are entitled to your line as long as the overtaking car does not have it's front wheels even with the leading cars cockpit. If the overtaking car does have its wheels even with the cockpit and the lead car tries to take his, then I call this a "chop". Well, usually I call it a bad wreck. :)

quoted with permission, but Gene Fryman

>From the Vintage Auto Racing Assc. rules book.

It is the responsibility of all drivers to insure that a racing incident does not occur.

All drivers have the right to sufficient space on the racing surface to allow for a driver to maintain control of their car in close quarters under racing conditions. All drivers shall be required to provide this space on the race track to their fellow competitors.

Passing shall be allowed any place on the racing surface track where it is safe to do so. It is the responsibility of the overtaking driver to pass in a safe manner on an area of the racing surface deemed prudent by the standards of the Association and the Chief Steward. The overtaken driver has the responsibility to be aware that they are bring overtaken and shall not impede the overtaking car. i.e. The
overtaken car shall not block. If any driver appears to be blocking and/or "pinching" another car seeking to pass or gain an advantage on the racing surface, they shall be black flagged and/or penalized.

The list below contains several examples of blocking:
Any driver may deviate from their chosen racing line to protect their position one time and one time only. This alteration in driving line must be made in a safe and timely manner so as not to deprive an overtaking driver of sufficient racing space or cause unsafe racing conditions. Any further deviation from this chosen line shall be considered blocking.

Any abrupt changes in direction so as to impede or affect the path of a car attempting to pass after a driver has established a line to protect their position shall be considered blocking.

Any deviation from the accepted driving line on the racing surface in a "pinching" manner may be considered a form of blocking.

Any change of line by a car being overtaken in reaction to a passing maneuver by an overtaking car with the intent to impede shall be considered blocking.

In the event that a driver is in the process of overtaking another competitor while coming upon a yellow flag condition, the pass shall not be considered complete unless the overtaking driver has cleared the slower race car and re-entered the proper driving line on the racing surface prior to reaching the flag station showing the yellow flag. If this criteria has not been fulfilled in it's entirety, the overtaking driver shall immediately drop back to his or her original position in the safest manner possible.

Back marker(s) affecting the complexion and / or the outcome of the race by racing the leader(s) while they attempt to safely overtake a back maker and shall be considered a form of blocking. If you are being lapped, you are expected to allow the faster car (or cars) to pass easily. It is not necessary to take radical evasive action, however you should not impede them if at all possible.