Need to Know 
Ok, the Rules look complicated. So what do you really need to know?  All of the following comments can be found in the pages provided, but in greater detail. This page is intended to remove fears of oAo being too complicated.

Time/Dates>> The server will launch Saturday for either a D1 or D2 race. See Schedule for 'off' days!

D2 drivers are only allowed to race in D1 under certain conditions. 1) sub for a team driver 2) as a #3 driver if the team is in the lower portion of the standings. As a 3d car, D2 racing out of their normal Divisions, race after privateers have entered the server. 


All of information of what track to be raced and the number of laps is found on the SCHEDULE

if you click on the Track name to the right of Country, you are taken to the Replay Analyzer posting of the races we've run (careful here, as the links are from last season, till the new race is run and i over write the previous)
in addition to location and date of each race (both D1 and D2) the number of laps for each is also on this page. so come race day, there should be no reason to ask in Vroc chat "how many laps".

Coins/Budget >> All drivers/Teams have a budget which is an amount of coins in which to cover their value and their car choices.

the Budget is a base amount, with additions from previous season (individual drivers) that carry over.
Teams then buy their cars. As long as the cars return to the team 'garage' at end of each race, no other buying is required.
Teams can buy cars as needed, as long as they have coins in their budget. Damages will deduct from the team coin total.
See Economics Explained for how COINS are Gained/Lost

Teams  >> All drivers are encouraged to form a team. A maximum of 9 in league

Each team can have 2 reserved grid spots per race. Additional spots are reserved for the lower teams in standings. The number of teams allowed to have a 3d driver depends on how many teams in oAo. Drivers preferring NOT to be on a team may race as PRIVATEERS, when there are openings. Depending on the number of team drivers that show determines how many spots are open for privateer entries. When more Privateers attend than grid spaces allow, the lowest drivers in standings have first rights to the spots.

Qualifications >> There are 2 basic sessions before the race starts, both within the 30 minute pre-race 'practice'.

Session 1 goes for 25 minutes, no chat is allowed. Session 2 is the final 5 minutes is intended for, but not limited to, full fuel laps. Chat is allowed.

each time you exit pits, you are required to re-enter pits at the completion of your qually laps. Failing to end qually laps in a pit box ends your session. you may only go out again in final 5 minutes. When qualy laps are ended in a pit box, you may continue to attempt additional qualy laps as many as time allows, again as long as each pit 'out' is matched by a pit 'in'

Racing  - the starts are the most dangerous. So leave room, be smart, races are an hour long.

There is little reason to attempt risky overtakes on opening laps. When compared to internet lag, GPL collision detection boxes and potential warping, not to mention cold tires and full fuel loads.. its just a small percentage of success for  the gain of one position?  Above all, have fun, many drivers put in long hours of practice, so their fun should also be considered and respected.