this section will be added to as necessary and penalties can be assigned even if not covered here, if considered deserving of a penalty by the Commissioner..

Penalty Points to be deducted from Driver's Total and in some cases, TEAM Total
Penalty Coins any driver penalized in Coins, may have coins awarded to the injured driver.
Drivers credited 1 shift-R THIS APPLIES to D2 only may use it in any following race, at any time anywhere any reason

Stop&Go penalties must be made

w/ all 4 wheels in a pit box

The driver is required to notify the commissioner within 24 hrs of start, on which lap the penalty stop occurred.

Chatting in qual or race

or Forum posting in less than professional tone

if considered in excess, a deduction of 1 point (personal not from team) 

a 2d infraction -2 points (personal not from team) 

The biggest wrong committed in online racing is the mental attitude of track 'rights' after spinning /// whether completely off track or just off line (as in looping it and coming to almost a complete stop, and not facing the direction of the track.

The bottom line is, when you lose control and your car does not maintain speed and direction of track ...


if you are sitting still, STAY STILL... till you are certain its clear, then move to the safest or nearest side of the track, . Consider the line that oncoming cars will be taking and avoid going there.

 I can think of few worse things than a driver in haste trying to immediately regain the track, and causing a fellow competitor to crash, or even go off or spin to avoid him. This is simply not acceptable in oAo, and the sooner everyone employs the proper approach, the better everyone's race will be. 

attempting to Immediately Re-enter the racing surface, without hesitation,  causing another racer to be eliminated, will be an automatic one race suspension, loss of all points earned in the race in question, and loss of 5 coins. If the other can continue see appropriate below chart

**Drivers who feel they were the victim of another drivers poor racing, must appeal via EMAIL to the Race Steward within 48 hrs of race end, otherwise  no penalty will be assessed** It is not the Race officials responsibility to find out if you if you were involved in an incident. It is your responsibility to report to the appropriate officials. See Chief Race Steward page for addition information

Most collisions have shared responsibilities, including rear end contact. If the blame is judged to be in equal shares, it will be considered a racing incident and no penalties will be assessed.

Drivers who clearly bear responsibility will be penalized. Drivers/TL's should weigh and Consider the level of how serious the racing incidents, not go off the deep end with incidental contact,  before rashly filing a protest.

no one in oAo is intentionally going to crash into someone, but sometimes a lack of respect for one's fellow competitors can be the reason, and those will be penalized if found to be so, when a protest is made

one of the biggest problems racing GPL is the lack of slowing when a yellow is displayed. and waving yellow is more an issue than a stationary one. All cars coming upon a yellow flag should reduce speed and proceed with caution. those that have had an off think once we get pointed in the right direction, they have the right of way... instead:
A) stay off the line till up to speed
B) stay off the track till its clear to rejoin




It is the responsibility of the privateer to check and be sure he is eligible.

Entering an official race and taking the spot of another driver that is of higher eligibility will result in exclusion from results... and a loss of 10 coins. Coins awarded to the driver that should have raced. If the driver can not 'pay' the fine, a loss of Championship points will be exchanged 1:1

negatively affecting another driver fast lap

examples: not giving way to faster car

pulling out of pits with disregard for cars on hotlap

IF protested, Submit lap and reason for review request.

Penalty to be determined by Race Steward, most common penalty is the offending driver will not be allowed to qualify next race.

Exiting pits and causing another driver to crash

(not applicable if both are still in pit lane - both may try again)

deduction of 1 coin to guilty driver - award coin to victim

Making a pit box stop with less than 4 wheels within the box OR

doing a Shift-R or pressing ESC on track

do a Stop&Go at before end of race  lap 2

forgetting to Stop&Go no qual next race        

A "Qualification Restricted" driver does more laps than allowed due to a penalty or lack of COINS

do a Stop&Go at end of race lap 1, plus

Same "Qualification Restriction" applied for the next race and loss of 1 point

Corner Cutting If fast lap is determined to have been achieved by getting 4 wheels off racing surface, do a Stop&Go at before end of race  lap 2 next race
At start: no driver may put 4 wheels into the pit lane in order to gain position Must give position(s) back before completion of lap 1. Failure to do so will be a No QUAL next start
Causing contact with another driver due to over aggressive start deduction of 1 championship points or 1 coin - which ever the guilty driver has more
Blocking / Weaving to avoid being passed or ignoring a blue flag for 1 lap or more

deduction of 1 championship point from the guilty driver or 1 coin (coins awarded to victim)

choice determined by driver that was being blocked

Car 1 - Causing contact with another (car 2) and causing car 2 to spin or be damaged

Car 1 - loses 2 championship Points and 5 coins (coins awarded to victim)

Car 1 - Causing contact with another (car 2) and causing car 2s retirement

(in D2 eliminated driver credited 1 shift-R) 

Car 1 - loses 5 championship Points and 10 coins (coins awarded to victim)

in Both of the 2 cases above:

1) Offending driver loses championship points to his individual championship standing in the division in which the infraction occurred.

2) Driver Championship point totals cannot be <0. If driver has insufficient points to incur a point penalty, then he cannot be penalized such that his point total would be <0.

3) Offending driver's TEAM point total will likewise be affected by the points deduction ONLY if the deduction reduces points earned by the offending driver in the race in which the infraction occurred.

when a damaged Car (car 1)  is on 3 wheels attempts to finish but affects another racer. (in D2 the eliminated driver (car 2) will be credited 1 shiftR)

Any car losing a wheel must be stopped after finishing the lap that a wheel is lost. (D2 may Sh-R if pit box is reached) . On some tracks (Monaco for example) stopping immediately would be advised as the penalty will be applied in all cases of causing another car to retire.

Corner Cutting

For Penalties to be applied, a witness will help the Stewards to control this, email the Steward with offender name and best guess to lap #(s) it was occurring.

Persistent Corner Cutting: Penalty 3 places in final standings
Continual deliberate Corner Cutting at every opportunity.
Continual deliberate corner cutting INCLUDING attempts at or actual overtaking using this method resulting in a collision.
Excessive Corner Cutting: Penalty 2 places in final standings
Consistent corner cutting at specific places on the lap.
DURING THE RACE Additional (applicable only to D2)
Making a pit box stop , with less than 4 wheels within the box  #1   do a Stop&Go at the end of next lap
At next race having done an illegal shift-R and not taken the penalty (#1) Excluded from results and deduction of 3 championship points or  5 coins
Continuing to race after an illegal shift-R and later causing the retirement of another driver (in D2 eliminated driver credited 1 shiftR) Excluded from results and deduction of 5 championship points + 10 coins (coins awarded to victim)