1st race of Season:
GPL limits grid spots for only 19 entries.  Races allocates all spots team drivers first. Privateers racers will be determined by their standings (if more than 1, the lowest in standings races)
Track Knowledge You are expected to be competent on the track before the race.

This does not mean you should be on the front row, or even a sometime winner, but that knowledge of the upcoming track is imperative. 


It does not mean you cannot race with oAo.  It's only a benchmark to measure your ability. As long as you are a safe, clean, predictable driver, and show respect, you will be fine.

Another guide you can use to get an idea of how well you fit with oAo competition is the 'statistics' information at GPLRank. If you go to GPLRank, login, and click on 'Multiple Choice Hell,' select the track, and chassis you're running, and click on the 'Statistics' button, you'll see a small table of statistics. If you can come close to the average time, this will give you an idea of where you fit, and at this level, you should find yourself at least in the 70% level.