PRE SEASON Activities
Track Selection:

a number of races, with a signature track event held at some point in season.

Some tracks will be selected from the Original 11 tracks. One track will be designated the oAo signature track.

The Signature track will be run FULL GP distance or approx 2 hours of racing.


The process of track selection (both original and add-on) will be determined by a Track Selection Group from the League.

Contact Claudio Navonne if you are interested in being part of the TSG. Anyone may apply.

The order in which we run the tracks, will then be determined by the TSG

TEAMS and Privateers:

All drivers have the opportunity to drive for a Team, or drive as a Privateer.

The difference is Team drivers have reserved grid spots at each race, while Privateers do not. 

See Privateers for additional information.


optional. maximum of 9 can be formed

each team has its own Private Forum Topic


3 drivers max can be from the same Division. Remembering that only 2 grid spots are reserved in each Division race.

TeamNAME-Optional - a way of identifying team

TeamColors-Optional - a way of personalizing team (max 2 colors)

Logo-Optional- a way to add some pizzaz to your team


anyone can be a TL.


There does need to be an active participation in the role of TL.


But it is not a requirement to actually race!

Primary Responsibility:

assembling a team before season. Determine what cars to buy (2 minimum at season start) and notify commissioner of any and all repairs to be made on damaged cars. Failure to notify will make those cars damaged, not be race ready without double costs.

assuring reserved grid spots are filled for each race.


Be the responsible party for contacting the Chief Race Steward with regard to any protests.

Secondary Responsibility:

To communicate and coordinate with each team member per race and note which drivers will attend each race.


act in best interest of the team releasing drivers that are not making races, or are not racing to expected potential

Replacing a TL:

Should the team decide their TL is not functioning as a TL should, they may vote to have him released. These votes must be copied to the commish.


Should any TL quit.... any member of the team may step forward to become the TL

signing substitute drivers if a regular is unavailable


TLs  sign their drivers.


TL will select drivers at a pre-season selection process

Each team has 2 reserved grid spots. If team drivers aren't available, privateers may race, or be signed to race for the team.

Drivers can be  'released'...

Replacement drivers can be signed. 

released drivers will be allowed to buy any chassis they can afford, and race as Privateers. Abide by Coin/Chassis restrictions .

The commissioner must be notified of all driver signings, by both the TL and the driver to be official. once 'signed' that driver is considered on contract, and the TL has rights to hold or release it. Should a driver 'quit' a team, he cannot race as an Privateer or sign with another team, until the TL has sent the commish an 'ok' releasing that driver from his 'contract'.

Driver DRAFT

To select new teams at the start of each new season.

At season end, when remaining coins are known and shared, the TL's for the nest season will meet to choose new teams. round 1 will be based on the amount of carry-over coins from prior season. Lowest total chooses first, going before the next lowest etc etc At the end of round 1, the TL coins and the drivers selected to his team, coins are totaled and the new 'total' determines round 2. after 2 rounds, a  3d round 1st choice goes to the team with the lowest amount of coins from drivers selected in first 2 rounds, but ONLY if there are enough drivers for all teams to select from.
Driver "Values" drivers cost to sign equal their 'g' classification, each being 1 credit for the purposes of identifying with a term.

TL's are restricted to 18 credits max.

13 for D1 and 5 for D2

Should a TL in the last round be 'forced' to choose a driver that would make that team be in excess of 18 credits, the TL may still make a selection, but pay 2 coins for each 'g' level ( g4 for example = 8 coins)
As long as there are drivers wishing to be on a team and any team has yet to fill its ranks, it must select any driver still available, unless/until the team has 3 drivers (plus the TL)
failing to get TL's  - we will advance to the next season with limited Teams, and everyone else a Privateer.

Drivers that don't like the team they can always 'quit' the team ~ but do so without an option to join another team and only the coins and/or only with car the TL might share with them, or choose to purchase themselves, by going in debt.

If a driver resigns (meaning not released- the team gets a return of 1/2  his pro-rated cost back.

Any driver 'selected' by a Team Leader may decline that TL offer, but at a personal cost of 15 coins.