Based on the assumption that the teams field 2 cars, 9 teams equals 18 grid spots filled, any remaining spots can be filled by Privateers. 


Privateers are allocated grid spots based on the order found on the Standings. The lowest placed Privateer has the first spot..


Depending on the number of 'opening'.... determines how many privateers may enter. Privateers are expected to KNOW the order of entry, who can race.

If in doubt, Privateers should wait 5 minutes in chat before entering. Once 5 minutes have elapsed, then remaining drivers may join.

one area that seems to catch many new drivers out

 is the requirement to return to a pit box after any qualifying session/lap, if you want to go out more than once in first 25 minutes, you MUST end the lap IN A PIT BOX

 if you don't or can't return to a pit box, that session has ended for you! Also, in the Div 2 races shift-R is only allowed in the same manner.

 you must return to a pit box in order to do a shift-R.

Chat is not allowed except for the final 5 minutes, until the green flag drops. there will be penalties for accumulated, repeated violations of 'chat'. 

Save it for after the race~ please. it is distracting and also affects some people's connection.

When there are OPEN GRID SPOTS

when there are open grid spots at the launch of server,  the first drivers to fill them are any Privateer drivers in chat. the lowest in Standings join first.

If more Privateers are in chat that grid spots, then the next highest Privateer in the Standings can join. 

If there are no privateers, or all privateers have joined and there are still openings, then the team in last place, can enter a 3d car.

if there is still a spot open, that the next to last place team will also be allowed to enter a 3d car, but only if the point gap to 3d from last is ... '10' points (or more) in other words, only if the gap is large. if its less than 10, then no 3d car for the next lowest team in Standings.

Only the top 2 scoring will count toward team points however.



Unlimited laps for max 25 minutes. any crash or inability to continue ends your session.

You may return to track as as often as you like, as long as you end each exit in a pit box.
you MUST return to the pits in order to take additional laps. when 5 minutes remain, track is OPEN to all and chat is allowed, intended for full fuel, drivers may improve time but any inability to continue ends your session.

D1 and D2 race on Alternate Saturdays. The 2 divisions each have 3 groups.

g5 - 8 race together D1 (PRO) g1 - 4  race together D2 (INT)

promotions can occur in season based on performance, evaluations after "section" of races, and changes will be made during breaks.


Some basic guidelines to a smooth practice and qualifying session...

Far too often, aggravation is the order of the day when competitors fail to observe some simple procedures and policies during qualifying.  Some regard themselves as 'King of the Road' and insist on making life difficult for others when all that is required is a little mutual courtesy.  Remember the old phrase(in life as well as sim racing), 'Courtesy costs nothing.'

1 > As you are about to strike the green button in GPL to place you in the cockpit of your speedster, first, observe the port/window showing 'Pit Lane'.
2 > Using the tab arrow, select 'Chase View' and maintain it til you're ready to join.
3 > Ensure that your time frame is 'live' and not in delayed replay mode.  This is key.
4 > Using the driver select arrow, punch through the competitors on track to see where they are taking special note of those late in a lap and approaching the pit area.  It should not be difficult to identify a competitor's location as you are viewing from the Chase View.

5 > Wait til a hole appears in the traffic of nominally 15 seconds before punching the green button to enter the cockpit of your car.  (You want that amount of time between the passing of the last car and the arrival of the next in order to get up to speed without dramas.)  When the last competitor is approaching the pit area, you may join via the green button and be placed in your car. Take note of the marque of the last car.  If a gaggle of Loti are approaching the pits but the last in line is a Ferrari or Honda, it should be very easy to determine when it roars by and you now know that you have a substantial amount of time to join the track surface proper before another competitor arrives in the vicinity of the pits.

6 > Proceed quickly out of the pits and qualify safe in the knowledge that you haven't screwed someone over.  (When pulling away from your pit stall, it is important to quickly move to the NON RACING lane.  If you chug straight down pit lane in line with your initial position, odds are that at some point or other, someone will join and place themselves in their pit stall, directly in your path.  I think that we've all experienced this at sometime from both standpoints.

DURING the RACE and Yellow Flags

one of the biggest problems racing GPL is the lack of slowing when a yellow is displayed. and waving yellow is more an issue than a stationary one.

 All cars coming upon a yellow flag should reduce speed and proceed with caution.
those that have had an off think once we get pointed in the right direction, they have the right of way... instead:
A) stay off the line till up to speed
B) stay off the track till its clear to rejoin